Conference Agenda

The conference agenda is below.

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8.30am Pre Conference Networking Session
  • Delegates can arrive from 8:30am when an informal breakfast is provided, and a chance to network with other attendees, before the conference starts at 9:30am
9.30am Welcome & Housekeeping from our Chair

Speaker: Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL

9.40am Understanding the Alternative Residential Markets - where do these fit in with Residential, Commercial and other property asset classes?
  • How are Student Housing, Co Living, Single Family Housing, & Retirement living now performing?
  • Why is the Affordable Housing Sector the next opportunity market and how much investment have we seen?
  • What level of maturity have these sectors reached and what is the potential for growth?
  • Where are the opportunities in these markets for socially conscious & impactful investment?

Speaker: Nick Whitten, Head of EMEA & UK Living and Residential Research, JLL

10.00am Why have we seen such rapid growth in investment in these ‘Alternative Residential’ asset classes?
  • Where is the capital coming from and is it redeploying for other commercial asset classes to Resi Alternatives?
  • What has been the effect of interest rate rises on capital flows globally and into the Residential sectors and is anything stalling?
  • Why is ESG and socially conscious investment now a priority?
  • Where is the capital coming from and will it all be able to find somewhere to deploy?
  • Where are Investors looking and which sectors are the priority?
  • Where are we with Institutional Investment, Private Equity & Senior Debt?

Speaker: Joe Guilfoyle, Co-Head, Savills Capital Advisors

10.20am Questions for Nick & Joe
10.30am The Alternative Residential Investor Panel Session
  • Understanding what is driving Investor interest in Student Housing, Retirement Living, Affordable Housing and the Private Rented Sector
  • How is investment into urban rental living & build to rent now evolving?
  • Do we see Single Family Housing as a big opportunity for investment?
  • Is ESG & social impact now leading investment decisions and how do we strike a balance with returns?
  • Which sectors are investors most interested in and how do we see this evolving in
  • Are investors now more interested in these Alternative Sectors than the traditional property investment markets?
  • Where do investors see comparisons between these sectors and what is the future of the ‘rented living’ portfolio?
  • Where are the big opportunity areas geographically?
  • Is the goal a Europe-wide, mixed asset portfolio?

Speakers: Paul Bashir, CEO, Harrison Street Europe,
Charlie Ferguson Davie, Chief Investment Officer, Moorfield,
Boris Olujic, Partner, Apollo Global Management,
Eleanor McMillan, Principal, Terra Firma Capital Partners,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL (Chair)

11.00am Coffee & Networking Opportunities
11.30am The UK & European Student Housing Markets Panel Session
  • How are the UK & European student housing markets maturing and evolving?
  • Where is the future growth and where are operators and investors looking for the next wave of opportunities?
  • What are the new emerging opportunities, both in terms of student product, location and merging into urban rental living and co living?
  • What are the lessons from Mainland Europe when it comes to rental models, and the links between Student Housing, the Private Rented Sector & Micro Living?
  • How can we build a Student Housing Operation of scale?
  • Is the UK still the biggest opportunity and how important are partnerships with the universities?

Speakers: Rainer Nonnengässer, Senior Managing Director, Amro Partners,
Verity Cubitt, Director- Operational Capital Markets, Savills,
Ioannis Verdelis, Chief Investment Officer, Vita Group,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL (Chair)

12.05pm Retirement Living Panel Session – How is the product & operation Evolving?
  • Intro presentation from: Michael Voges, Chief Executive, ARCO (ten minutes), followed by a panel discussion.
  • How do we provide a product that is attractive and affordable?
  • What do older people now expect in terms of service and facilities?
  • Where is the real opportunity going forward and how do we expect the market to evolve?
  • Are we seeing some traction and engagement politically to solve it issues with lack of genuinely affordable mass market retirement living property?
  • Have perceived investment and reputational risks now been overcome?
  • How might the market evolve over the next ten years?
  • How do luxury, middle market and rental models all fit together in the overall market?
  • Where is this market split heading?
  • Retirement Rental Models – How are these evolving?
  • What are consumers looking for and where are the development & Investment Opportunities?
  • What is the real potential of the market and how do we really scale it in the UK? What is still holding it back and how can it be solved?

Speakers: Followed by a panel with,
Michael Voges, Executive Director, ARCO,
Paula Broadbent, Managing Director, Lovell Later Living,
Martin Brown, Managing Director – Special Projects, McCarthy Stone,
Gillian Sloane, Co-Founder & Director Loopliv Group,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL (Chair)

12.40pm Single Family Housing Session
  • The evolution of the PRS & Build to Rent market into Suburban Build to Rent and Single Family Housing
  • What is the future of this sector in the medium and long term & what is the capacity for growth?
  • How does this market work as an investment model and where does it fit in the overall picture?
  • Who is the real target market and what kind of locations are price points is the sector looking for?
  • Who are the customers and what are their particular needs?
  • Why is this sector such a big opportunity for housebuilders and could we see business models changing completely?
  • Do we expect the UK to catch up with Continental Europe when it comes to rental properties for families?
  • How do we solve the scarcity of data in this sector and what is needed for investor confidence?

Speakers: Paul Staley, Managing Director, Wise Living,
Jonathon Ivory, Chief Investment Officer, Packaged Living,
Samantha Kempe, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer, IMMO,
Adina David, Executive Director, MGT,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL (Chair)

1.15pm Networking Lunch Session
2.10pm Operational Residential Real Estate Session
  • How do we deliver a modern, cost effective management operation, with ESG priorities at the forefront?
  • What are the current examples of best practice across the alternatives sectors and are we seeing technology at the forefront?
  • Reducing operational carbon – how can this be achieved and what measures are we seeing?
  • How can operators take a more holistic approach to the mental and physical wellbeing of their residents?
  • What measures can be put in place to support residents in their working and/or everyday lives?
  • How do we really deliver a strong sense of community in a scheme?
  • How does a good approach to ESG futureproof the value of a brand, investment and lead to higher rates of customer retention?
  • How can we get to net zero and what is the effect on the overall operational costs of the necessary measures?
  • What can we learn from cross sector, rental living, collaboration and where are the similarities and differences between the sectors?

Speakers: Katherine Rose, Managing Director, Verv Life,
Stewart Moore, Chief Operating Officer, Retirement Villages Group,
Darren Gardner, Chief Executive, Nido,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL (Chair)

2.45pm Focus Session – Urban Living Design
  • How has design evolved over the last decade and what will happen in the next 10 years?
  • What is a regenerative build system and what is it’s role in the future of design and delivery?
  • How can we make MMC work and deliver the low carbon, sustainably designed communities of the future?

Speaker: Félicie Krikler, Director, Assael Architecture

3.05pm Questions for Felicie
3.10pm Affordable Housing Session
  • Investment into Affordable Housing Models
  • What is attracting private sector money into the market and what are they looking for?
  • How can we make investments in the social housing sector a genuine impact investment and how can this be prioritised?
  • What is the long-term investment capacity of this market and where do we see the growth areas?
  • What kind of structures and JVs are being used and how can the model work?
  • How can the sector deliver a genuinely affordable rental product that works for all income levels?
  • Does the growth of the build to rent market offer a path to genuinely affordable rental stock?
  • With institutional investors now entering this sector how can we make investment at ‘affordable’ rent levels work?

Speakers: Shamez Alibhai, Managing Director and Head of Community Housing, Man Group,
Rizwan Khan, Head of Investment & Partnerships, Sage Homes,
Claire Kober, Managing Director Homes, Pinnacle Group,
Eleanor Lindsay, Head of Impact, Community & Place, Hyde Group,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL (Chair)

3.40pm Build to Rent and Urban Living
  • What is the strategic direction of Rental Living products for investors and operators and where is the future growth?
  • What is the right product in the long term and how do we make it desirable and cost effective?
  • How do we keep ESG & Sustainability at the forefront of future delivery?
  • How will ESG priorities, climate change and sustainability affect the future rental living product and is this now of significant importance to the tenant group the products are targeting?
  • How will ‘Rental Living’ models evolve and what is the future for Build to Rent apartments and Co Living?
  • How do you build a recognisable and respected brand?
  • What role will technology play in the way people live, manage their lives and the operation as a whole?
  • How do you deliver a Build to Rent business of real scale and what is the right product or range of products moving forward?
  • Is Co Living and Build to Rent a logical extension of the Student Housing market?

Speakers: Brendan Geraghty, Chief Executive, UKAA,
Anil Khera, Founder & CEO, Node,
Sarah Christie, COLIV Fund, DTZ Investors,
Jill Ju, Founder & CEO, True North Management,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL (Chair)

4.10pm Closing remarks from the Chair
4.15pm Conference Close & Networking Drinks
  • Join delegates and speakers for the Annual Alternative Resi Drinks Reception