Conference Agenda

The conference agenda is below.

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8.30am Pre Conference Networking Session
  • Delegates can arrive from 8:30am when an informal breakfast is provided, and a chance to network with other attendees, before the conference starts at 9:30am
9.30am Conference Start
  • Welcome & Housekeeping from our Chair

Speaker: Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL & Non Exec, Staykeepers & SLE Global (Chair)

9.40am Understanding the Alternative Residential Markets - where do these fit in with Residential, Commercial and other property asset classes?
  • How are Student Housing, Co Living, Single Family Housing, & Retirement living now performing?
  • Why is the Affordable Housing Sector the next opportunity market and how much investment have we seen?
  • Which of these sectors are now the most mature and where do we see the growth going forward?
  • How are the Alternative Resi Sectors approaching ESG and where are the opportunities for socially conscious & impact investment?

Speaker: Lawrence Bowles, Residential Research, Savills

10.00am Why are we seeing so much capital entering the Alternative Resi subsectors?
  • Why is ESG and socially conscious investment now a priority?
  • Where is the capital coming from and will it all be able to find somewhere to deploy?
  • Where are Investors looking and which sectors are the priority?
  • Where are we with Institutional Investment, Private Equity & Senior Debt?
  • What is happening with the Capital Markets and where is the money coming from?
  • What kind of structures are being used and are investors now looking to build a mixed portfolio of Alternative Resi Assets?

Speaker: Joe Guilfoyle, Head of Corporate Finance, Savills

10.30am The Alternative Residential Investor Panel Session
  • Understanding what is driving Investor interest in Student Housing, Retirement Living, Affordable Housing and the Private Rented Sector
  • Why has ESG become such a priority and how has this changed investment decisions?
  • Which sectors are investors most interested in and why?
  • Where do investors see the most growth in the short, medium and long term?
  • Are investors now more interested in these Alternative Sectors than the traditional property investment markets?
  • Where do investors see comparisons between these sectors and what is the future of the ‘rented living’ portfolio?
  • Where are the big opportunity areas geographically?
  • Is the goal a Europe-wide, mixed asset portfolio?

Speakers: Paul Bashir, CEO, Harrison Street Europe,
Rosa Brand, Director – Real Estate, KKR,
Charlie Ferguson Davie, Chief Investment Officer, Moorfield,
Joe Persechino, Head of Residential & Student Accommodation, AXA IM,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL & Non Exec, Staykeepers & SLE Global (Chair)

11.10am Coffee & Networking Opportunities
11.40am Focus session
  • How can the Resi Living Sectors confront climate change and work towards net zero development and operation?
  • How do we decide between saving embodied carbon by retrofitting or repurposing, and new build?
  • How can we retrofit residential property efficiently?
  • What methods and approaches should be used for low carbon building and where does MMC fit?
  • How can we plan strategically for a low carbon operational building?

Speaker: Sarah Daly, Associate Director - Sustainability, Turner & Townsend

12.05pm The UK & European Student Housing Markets Panel Session
  • Where are we seeing the most interest at the moment and where is the growth?
  • Which markets have recovered most strongly from Covid and where does the sector expect to see the best opportunities in the short and medium term?
  • How have student numbers and movement of international students emerged from Covid?
  • How can we build a Student Housing Operation of scale?
  • Which parts of the UK market are the key opportunity areas moving forward?
  • Is the UK still the biggest opportunity and how important are partnerships with the universities?
  • How have mainland European markets emerged from covid and where is the undersupply?
  • What are the lessons from Mainland Europe when it comes to rental models, and the links between Student Housing, the Private Rented Sector & Micro Living?

Speakers: Brian Welsh, Head of Student, Round Hill Capital,
Nick Hayes, Group Property Director, Unite,
Sebastian Oviedo, CEO, Micampus,
Julia Momotiuk, Head of Rented Residential, BONARD,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL & Non Exec, Staykeepers & SLE Global (Chair)

12.40pm Retirement Living Panel Session
  • How is the sector evolving and where are the opportunities?
  • Have perceived investment and reputational risks now been solved and how do we create a mass market with a range of products, to attract a wide range of different incomes?
  • What is the market demanding in terms of product, service and facilities and how can real scale be achieved?
  • How can the care aspect of the product be approached and should it be outsourced or via an in house operation?
  • What are the 5 and 10 year predictions for growth in this sector and where do operators see it getting to?
  • What is needed for retirement for rent models to really grow?
  • How do luxury, middle market and rental models all fit together in the overall market?

Speakers: Martin Brown, Managing Director – Special Projects, McCarthy Stone,
Michael Voges, Chief Executive, ARCO,
Samantha Rowland, Head of Senior Living, BNP Paribas Real Estate,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL & Non Exec, Staykeepers & SLE Global (Chair)

1.15pm Networking Lunch Session
2.10pm Operational Residential Real Estate Session
  • How can an operation be more ethically and environmentally conscious with ESG priorities at the forefront?
  • Reducing operational carbon – how can this be achieved and what measures are we seeing?
  • How can operators take a more holistic approach to the mental and physical wellbeing of their residents?
  • What measures can be put in place to support residents in their working and/or everyday lives?
  • How can a strong social and activities programme improve the overall community?
  • How does a good approach to ESG futureproof the value of a brand, investment and lead to higher rates of customer retention?
  • What are the current examples of best practice?
  • Where does technology fit in and what positive lessons were learnt from the pandemic?
  • How can we get to net zero and what is the effect on the overall operational costs of the necessary measures?
  • What can we learn from cross sector, rental living, collaboration and where are the similarities and differences between the sectors?

Speakers: Stewart Moore, COO, Retirement Villages,
Darren Gardener, COO, Nido,
Jon Clarke, Sales Director, Touchstone,
Michela Hancock, Managing Director - Europe, Greystar,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL & Non Exec, Staykeepers & SLE Global (Chair)

2.45pm Focus Session – Rental Living Design Models – Lessons from around the world
  • What is happening with design innovation and how is it evolving?
  • How are ESG and sustainability now at the heart of design decisions?
  • How can Rental Living be delivered with resident experience and wellbeing as a priority?

Speaker: Félicie Krikler, Director, Assael Architecture

3.10pm Affordable Housing Session
  • Investment into Affordable Housing Models
  • What is attracting private sector money into the market and what are they looking for?
  • How can we make investments in the social housing sector a genuine impact investment and how can this be prioritised?
  • What is the long-term investment capacity of this market and where do we see the growth areas?
  • What kind of structures and JVs are being used and how can the model work?
  • How can the sector deliver a genuinely affordable rental product that works for all income levels?
  • Does the growth of the build to rent market offer a path to genuinely affordable rental stock?
  • With institutional investors now entering this sector how can we make investment at ‘affordable’ rent levels work?

Speakers: Elizabeth Austerberry, Chair – Registered Housing Provider, Octopus Real Estate,
Eleanor Lindsay, Impact & Investment Management Consultant, Hyde Group,
Eleanor McMillan, Investment Director - Residential, Savills Investment Management,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL & Non Exec, Staykeepers & SLE Global (Chair)

3.35pm The Future of Rental Living Session
  • What is the strategic direction of Rental Living products for investors and operators and where is the future growth?
  • How do we keep ESG & Sustainability at the forefront of future delivery?
  • How will ‘Rental Living’ models evolve and what is the future for Build to Rent apartments, co-living, single family housing and suburban and affordable rental living models?
  • What is the future product and portfolio - is a large scale rental market, through the life journey from Student Housing, to urban shared rental living, through suburban family living, right through to retirement living a realistic goal?
  • What role will technology play in the way people live, manage their lives and the operation as a whole?
  • How will ESG priorities, climate change and sustainability affect the future rental living product?
  • Why are rental living models key to regeneration and what is the scale of the opportunity?
  • How do you deliver a Build to Rent business of real scale and what is the right product or range of products moving forward?
  • Is Co Living and Build to Rent a logical extension of the Student Housing market?
  • Is a mixed tenure regeneration, across different tenures and age groups of rental living, an achievable and desirable goal in the long term?

Speakers: Adina David, Executive Director, MGT,
Brendan Geraghty, CEO, UKAA,
Pavlos Gennimatas, Managing Director – European Living, Hines,
Richard Jackson, Managing Director, Apache Capital,
Philip Hillman, Consultant, JLL & Non Exec, Staykeepers & SLE Global (Chair)

4.15pm Conference Close & Networking Drinks
  • Join delegates and speakers for the Annual Alternative Resi Drinks Reception