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Alternative Residential Update

Expecting a large audience at The Alternative Residential Event. Panel includes some of the most respected figures in the sectors and crucially the Investors themselves.

Alternative Residential Property

The 2020 Alternative Residential Property Conference has now launched, expect some key discussions and vital information on the market going forward

Alternative Resi 2020

Superb panel taking shape at the Alternative Residential Event on 30th September. Likely to be a very popular event #LD Events #AlternativeResi


The conference takes place on Wednesday 30th September 2020 at The De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden

With huge interest in these markets, the 4th Annual Alternative Residential Property Conference takes place on 30th September. Our events covering Alternatives - Student Housing, Co-Living, Retirement Living and Build to Rent, attracted an audience of over 1500 delegates last year, and due to this huge interest we will be looking in more detail at the ‘Alternative Residential’ Sector in the UK & Europe.

This will feature many of the sector leaders in these markets, plus leading investors and advisors. We will look at Student Housing, Retirement Living, Build to Rent and Grad Housing/Co Living. We will also look at what might come next, in terms of alternative property and what links them - in terms of investment, management and operation

The purpose of the day will be to discuss the future of these ‘alternative’ sectors, understand why they have seen such investment growth, and learn where they are going in the future. We expect the day to sell out like our other Conferences and there will be a lot of interesting discussions, including the similarities and differences between these particular sectors and how they work together.

This event is likely to sell out quickly so please book early to guarantee your place.

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Conference Timetable


Chairmans Welcome & Housekeeping
Philip Hillman, Chairman - Alternatives, JLL


Understanding the Alternative Residential Markets - where do these fit in with Residential, Commercial and other property asset classes?
How have these asset classes grown in the last 5-10 years and where will they be in another ten years time?
Which Alternative Residential Assets are growing fastest?
How are Student Housing, Micro Living, PRS & Retirement living now performing?
Lawrence Bowles, Residential Research, Savills
Why have we seen such rapid growth in investment in these ‘Alternative Residential’ asset classes?
Where is the overall investment in these asset classes coming from?
Where are Investors looking and which sectors are the priority?
Where are we with Institutional Investment, Private Equity & Senior Debt?
What is happening with the Capital Markets and where is the money coming from?
How are investments being structured?
Is Co-Living a sector in it’s own right, how small is the niche and what do investors make of it?
Joe Guilfoyle, Head of Corporate Finance, Savills
Questions for Lawrence & Joe
The Evolution of the European Student Housing Market
How has it Grown and how have the various markets matured?
Where is the future growth and which markets are now the most mature?
Samuel Vetrak, CEO, Bonard
Followed by 10.50am Panel:
Panel Session on Student Housing
How can we build a Student Housing Operation of scale?
Where are the opportunity areas in the UK & Europe?
Where do we see the similarities between Student Housing & PRS operations and are we seeing them merging together?
Where are the opportunity areas working with Universities in the UK?
Which parts of the UK market are the key opportunity areas moving forward?
What are the lessons from Mainland Europe when it comes to rental models, and the links between Student Housing, the Private Rented Sector & Micro Living?
Sam Ball, Partner, Fusion Students
Brian Welsh, CEO, The Nido Collection
Samuel Vetrak, CEO, Bonard
Ulrike Hagendorf, Research Manager – European Residential, Catella Residential Investment Management
Philip Hillman, Chairman - Alternatives, JLL (Chair)
Coffee & Networking Opportunities
The Alternative Residential Investor Panel Session
Understanding what is driving Investor interest in Student Housing, Retirement Living and the Private Rented Sector.
Which sectors are investors most interested in and why?
Where do investors see the most growth in the short, medium and long term?
Are investors now more interested in these Alternative Sectors than the traditional property investment markets?
Where do investors see links between Student Housing, the Private Rented Sector & even Retirement Living?
Where are the big opportunity areas geographically?
Is the goal a Europe-wide, mixed asset portfolio?
Hayley Scott, Structure Property Finance, Investec
Richard Jackson, Managing Director, Apache Capital
Paul Tebbit, Managing Director, BlackRock
Charles Ferguson Davie, Chief Investment Officer, Moorfield
Philip Hillman, Chairman - Alternatives, JLL (Chair)
Understanding how the Build to Rent & Co Living Sectors work together – where do they now fit in with the overall housing & property investment markets?
Where does Co-Living fit in with PRS?
Who are the big players & are we seeing strong brands now being established in the UK?
How will the market grow over the next 5 – 10 years and where are the big growth areas?
What is it that we really need to deliver and how can it be done?
Where is the Future balance between Build for Sale and Build for Rent?
James Kingdom, Head of Alternatives Research, JLL & Richard Lustigman, Director – Co-Living, JLL
Panel Session - What is Co-Living & what is the potential for the model – hear from those leading the way in the fledgling sector
Is Co-Living just a small niche or Build to Rent?
How does the Co-Living market really differentiate itself?
What technology is vital to the growth of this sector?
What is the potential for the market & how to investors react to it?
How do we work with the planning challenges when building Co-Living?
What are the differences between the model internationally?
What are the key factors for tenants in this kind of property?
How can we make Co-Living an affordable, convenient & mainstream housing option?
Anil Khera, Chief Executive, node.
Reza Merchant, CEO & Founder, The Collective
Rajdeep Gahir, CEO & Co-Founder, Vivahouse
Philip Grace, Vice President – Global Expansion, Medici Living and Quarters
Philip Hillman, Chairman - Alternatives, JLL (Chair)
Networking Lunch Session
Understanding the Needs and Wants of the End User with Build to Rent Property
What are they looking for and how do we differentiate?
The needs and wants of Generation Rent
Lifelong renting – a change in perception of the way property is owned.
Is a flexible rental market, where ultimate ownership isn’t important, actually a logical evolution of the UK Housing Market & the modern technology driven economy in general?
Gemma John, Director, Human City
Panel session on the evolution of the PRS market
What is the future of the Private Rented Sector in the medium and long term?
What is capacity for growth?
What are the comparisons and how do the yields compare?
How can we value Build to Rent & Private Rented Sector Assets accurately?
How do we solve the scarcity of data in this sector and what is needed for investor confidence?
How does this market work as an investment model and where does it fit in the overall picture?
What is the relationship between the UK Build to Rent Market and the US Multifamily market and what are the key similarities and differences?
Understanding the Management Operation with Student & PRS and the similarities and differences - how are these evolving and what are the key factors?
Is flexibility, service and style now more important than price point?
Who is the real target market?
How is the Student Housing Sector influencing the PRS Market?
Michela Hancock, Development Director, Greystar
Rebecca Taylor, Investment Director, Long Harbour
Alastair Mullens, Head of Vertus, Canary Wharf Group
Philip Hillman, Chairman - Alternatives, JLL (Chair)
Modern Methods of Construction & Delivery Session
Short presentation from Nick Riley (10 mins) of what is out there followed by a Panel Discussion on:

What are the preferred construction methods for these sectors and why are they ideal for construction innovation?
What is the future for Off Site Construction and what is now being delivered?
What is the reality, both in the present and the future, for speed of delivery & cost, relative to more traditional methods?
What are the various methods available and how do they work?
Where are we with technology in the process and where does 3D printing fit in?
Understanding how Retirement Living products and design have evolved and how this now links to Build to Rent.
How is the Retirement Living Sector embracing Modern Methods of Construction?
What are the realities of MMC & manufacturing components in a factory then assembling on site?
What have we learnt so far about the practicalities?
Where might this fit when compared to traditional methods of construction in 5-10 years time?
Nick Riley, Director, Whittam Cox Architects
Morgan Palmer, Pre-Construction Director, Castleoak
James Pargeter, Senior Director - Projects, Greystar Europe
Michelle Hannah, Director, Cast

Retirement Living Session
The Retirement Housing Market – Understanding who the consumers are
What are consumers looking for and where are the development & Investment Opportunities?
Understanding those who are downsizing and looking to release equity from their current properties
Who is in the market and how large is it?
How do luxury, middle market and rental models all fit together in the overall market?
Where is this market split heading?
Paul Morgan, Managing Director, Audley Retirement
Retirement Living Panel Session
Retirement Living – How is the product & operation Evolving?
Understanding the high end of the market – how large is this and what is on offer?
Is the middle market product the real opportunity area and what needs to be delivered?
How do we provide a product that is attractive and affordable?
What do older people now expect in terms of service and facilities?
Where is the real opportunity going forward and how do we expect the market to evolve?
What kind of overall operation will be key in the future?
Have perceived investment and reputational risks now been overcome and where are we with Event Fees?
How might the market evolve over the next ten years?
What is the future of Intergenerational Living
Retirement Rental Models – How are these evolving?
Why does Retirement for Rent make so much sense?
Rowan Baker, Chief Financial Officer, McCarthy & Stone
Jane Barker, Managing Director, Brio Retirement
Justin Shee, Founder, The Kohab
Paul Morgan, Managing Director, Audley Retirement

4.10pm - Chair’s Closing Remarks

Close of Conference
Followed by the 2019 European Alternative Residential Drinks Reception



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